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Raider Express is a refrigerated truckload carrier specialized in hauling grocery and food products in the contiguous forty eight States. The main base of operations for Raider Express is located in Fort Worth, TX, however we have drop yards throughout the midwest.

Raider Express had humble beginnings at the Houston Produce Market. The day that Michael Eggleton, Jr. graduated from Texas Tech University in 1998, Mike Eggleton, Sr. and Kaz Wrobel handed him a brief case with a key to a small office, an operating authority and an insurance certificate. He started out brokering loads, and then was given a few trucks. Within 6 months Mike Sr. had officially joined the company, and Kaz had moved his truck fleet to Raider Express. Raider Express expanded its fleet hauling paper, produce, and consumer goods. Gradually however, the company has shifted to almost entirely refrigerated and grocery products. Daniel Eggleton joined the company in 2001, immediately after college graduation from Texas Tech University.

As of 2024, Raider Express operates 370 company owned tractors and 800 53′ refrigerated trailers. By today’s standards Raider is still a small company, but that means we can offer our customers a high level of service and attention to detail. But most of all it allows us to give our drivers the satisfaction of being an important and recognized part of the team.

We have grown over the last few years however we still maintain a high level of service and that attention to detail for our customers.